Ethiopia Limu Natural

$ 13.95

The Coffee
Chilbu, a private farm, was established in 2009, developed in 2011– 2012 and now covers 100 hectares (about 247 acres).

Red cherry here is dried on raised drying beds covered with mesh wire. The farm currently has 70 beds available and is on target to have 100 by its next crop year.

Country • Ethiopia

Roast • Medium Light

Region • Limu, Oromia

Farm • Wolensu Kebele, Chilbu Farm

Altitude • 6,000 Feet+

Varietal • 74165, 74112

Process • Sun Dried

FLAVOR NOTES: Grape, milk chocolate, pineapple, red berry.

Our Ethiopia Limu is great for a bright espresso and lively filter brew. As Espresso, we brew it at 18g in and 36g out in about 25 seconds. For pour-over we like the V60 at 19g coffee to 300g water at 205°F.