Kenya AA Ruthagati

$ 15.95

The Coffee
Ruthagati is a sweet, complex, spicy cup with a heavy body and notes of black currant, maple syrup and dark fruits. Red, ripe cherries were selectively handpicked and were delivered for wet milling the same day.
The parchment was fermented, washed and sun dried on raised beds, and the dry parchment was then milled and bagged.
In 2005, the Ruthanga, Tumutumu and Marua farmers' cooperative societies merged to form the Rutuma Amalgamated Farmers' Co-Operative Society Limited. It now has seven wet mills, including the Ruthagai Factory in the Mathira region of Nyeri County. The Ruthagati mill is located on the northwest side of Mt. Kenya, and the farmers who bring their cherries here have, on average, 150 coffee trees each.

Country • Kenya

Roast • Light

Region • Nyeri

Farm •
Rutuma Amalgamated Farmers' Cooperative

Altitude • 5,000 Feet+

Varietal • SL 28, SL 34

Process • Washed

FLAVOR NOTES: Black currant, maple syrup, blackberry, caramel.

Our Kenya AA Ruthagati is a fantastic bright espresso and a lively filter brew. As Espresso, we brew it at 19g in and 38g out in about 25 seconds. For pour-over we like the V60 at 20g coffee to 300g water at 205°F.