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Named for Johann Sebastian Bach's Oratorio Magnificat. After many years of performing this piece, I realized that it would take a divine roast to live up to the name. Our Magnificat is a medium dark roast, blending great Brazilian beans with an organic single origin Sumatra. Unlike many roasters, we blend our green beans, then roast them together so their flavors meld into one glorious roast.

Magnificat is our go to espresso but is equally good in an Aeropress and as a pourover.

Current Seasonal Blend:

Organic Fair Trade Sumatra Aceh Gayo
Brazil Mogiana Eagle

Origin • Brazil, Sumatra

Region • Mogiana, Gayo

Farm • Various

Variety • Various

Elevation • Various

Process • Washed

Flavor Notes • Dark Chocolate, Fully Developed Sweetness

Roast • Medium Dark Roast


Magnificat is a seasonal blend of coffee optimized for both espresso and filter brews. As Espresso, we brew it at 18g in and 36g out in about 25 seconds. For pour-over we like the V60 at 19g coffee to 300g water at 205°F.